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SecureFX 7.2

What's New in Version 7.2 of SecureFX

- Windows: Added a Session Manager that can be used in place of the modal Connect dialog. The Session Manager can be in a pane in the SecureFX window or can be an undocked modeless dialog
- Added SCP support for Cisco and Juniper devices
- Added a global option to store personal data such as usernames and passwords in a location separate from the rest of the session data, which allows personal data to be kept private while other configuration data is stored on a network drive or on the cl
- Added a new synchronization option called "Automatically transfer files", which causes files to be synchronized automatically when the Synchronize dialog/tab is opened. The files will also be monitored and transferred automatically while the Synchroniz
- Added a global option "Use this type for all files", which allows ASCII or binary to be forced for every transfer
- Added a right-click menu item "Add Bookmark", which provides a quicker way to bookmark folders
- Added a right-click menu item that creates a new folder in the current folder
- In order to comply with Section 508 Accessibility, there are two new ways to access the transfer queue: Added the accelerator Alt+G and added an item to the Edit menu that toggles between "Go To Transfer Queue" and "Go To Session Window"
- SSH2: Added support for SHA-2 MAC algorithms
- The authentication banner is now displayed in the log view instead of in a pop-up dialog
- Error dialogs are no longer displayed in the transfer queue when a transfer fails
- Added "Copy Filename" to the right-click menu
- Bug fixes

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